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Moez-HajiName : Moez Haji
Driving Instructor Class 5/ Commercial Driving School Certificate
(Red River College, Winnipeg, MB. Canada)

Quick facts

Since his early teen years, Moez was very concerned about reckless driving displayed by many users of the public roadways. He was closely following the statistics about vehicle crashes in general, but was particularly interested in the ones where negligent drivers were involved.
As he grew older, his concerns about road safety became more concrete and he decided to, one day, become part of the solution.

Instructor since 2003, Moez has gained a lot of experience in the in-class and in-car areas. Immediately after he obtained his certificate from Red River College, he opened his own driving school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He also worked, from 2003 to 2013, with Manitoba Public Insurance under a commercial contract.

During that period, Moez taught the provincial Driver’s Education courses (in English and French), at several High Schools in Winnipeg, for MPI. The courses consisted of two parts, the classroom and the practical (in-car). During his partnership with MPI, Moez attended many technical, interpersonal and professional development courses offered through MPI. He is a certified instructor in Alberta since 2014. He brings with him a rich past in terms of teaching experience. Moez has amazing communication skills, is comfortable with all cultural backgrounds and speaks seven different languages, including French and English).

Moez’s satisfaction comes from the fact that, over the last many years, he has been able to put knowledgeable and well prepared new drivers on the streets. Without being the only answer to reckless and dangerous driving, a good foundation in the early years of driving, contributes drastically to saving hundreds of lives on our roads each year.